Please click on the links below for selected examples of my design work. This ranges from largely typographical book design commissions undertaken to a very specific stylistic brief, to more visual magazine spreads and experimental pieces produced as part of my MA in Design and Art Direction which was completed at Manchester School of Art in 2014. 

A Year in the Country: Wandering Through Spectral Fields by Stephen Prince
Cover and interior design of a 338-page book on ‘the outer reaches of folk culture’. The cover design was required to be in keeping with the stark black and white aesthetic of the A Year in the Country website and features photography supplied by the client. A Kindle edition of the book was also produced as part of the commission. 

Flyer, banner design and product photography for the website of online book dealer, Bopcap Books. 

The Graphic Art of the Underground: A Countercultural History by Ian Lowey & Suzy Prince
As well as co-authoring this 272-page book for the publisher, Bloomsbury, I also undertook design and layout duties. 

Bare Essentials: The Best of Nude Magazine (P.I.T.E Publishing)
Four opening spreads from Bare Essentials: The Best of Nude Magazine, which I co-published, co-authored and designed.  

The Last of Heaven by Martin G. Elster
Cover and interior design of a 220-page erotic mystery-thriller. The cover design is inspired by a photograph by Man Ray. 

A Remembrance of Things Fast: The Shared Aesthetics of Custom Car Culture and Fine Art in 1960s California
Spread for an article penned by myself for MMU postgrad student magazine, Büro 

MA Design and Art Direction
Various experimental and exploratory graphics produced for my MA in Design and Art Direction at Manchester School of Art, which focussed on consumerism and the notion of the supermarket as an exemplar of ‘non place’. 

Lido Contemporary Cards and Gifts
Logo designs for greetings card and giftware retailer 

Knit and Destroy Gets Handy… by Kandy Diamond
Design and layout for a book of quirky knitting patterns for artist and contemporary crafter, Kandy Diamond.